Oh dear, Helen’s turn

I was intrigued to see if I could successfully complete this challenge, Stage 1 fluids and Puree diet for the day. Motivated and inspired by my colleagues who had already completed the day and by the ones planning their meals etc for the remainder of the week. I am by nature a grazer and spend the majority of the day eating, mostly savoury foods. I have as anyone who knows me a strange relationship with food, the texture has to be correct and I struggle with boring food (possibly over sharing here).

I usually begin the day with a pint of water, I soon discovered that physically I couldn’t drink that quantity of stage 1 fluids and gave up at half a pint. Breakfast consisted of Ready Brek with smooth nut butter and a cup of coffee (tasted slightly more bitter than normal but ok)….so far so good.

A smoothie for mid morning followed by a lunch of blended butternut squash curry,(maybe I should have removed the spinach before blending) and mashed potato. I felt full to bursting point but strangely my hunger was not satisfied. I missed crunchy food!!! I managed to drink approximately another pint of fluid during the morning.

At this point it all fell to pieces. My stomach began to swell like a balloon and I felt decidedly uncomfortable. Apart from a drink of water (stage 1) I didn’t eat or drink anything else for the rest of the day.

I am glad I decided to undertake the challenge in spite of this. A few reflections for the day are as follows;


  • Empathy for the patients we work with daily
  • A feeling of being a part of a great SLT team (we’re all in this together)


  • I did this for one day, the food was very dairy and sugar heavy, I craved savoury crunchy food
  • Social isolation, being unable to for example eat out at a restaurant or buy convenience food that wasn’t dairy or soup.
  • Preparation time, food prep took much longer and had to be thought out to ensure a balanced diet was achieved
  • My stomach rebelled, possibly due to lack of fibre
  • I WAS GRUMPY!!!!!!


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